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Privacy Statement


Absolutely not. We strongly believe in the privacy of our customers and we truly dislike spam and wasteful advertisements. This is one of our core values. We personally don’t appreciate having our personal information given out to other companies, so we would never do this to you. Many companies have approached us about purchasing customer contact information, but we deny them every time. Most greedy businesses believe this is just another way to make some cash. If something has a questionable effect upon our clients, then we have zero interest in it. We strongly believe in minimal contact with our customers by only sending order confirmation and shipping notification, because we know that the last thing you want is more spam clogging your inbox.


Absolutely not! We hate spam just as much as you do and we would never do that to our customers. The only time we send an email is to confirm an order and ship date. Every once in a while we send out discount coupons, and specials, but that will happen once per month. Some of our competitors will continue to email you daily, weekly, with advertisements that you do not want. Once you order from them, they pretty much “own” your email address. Some may even sell your email address to other companies! We will never sell or give out your private information, no matter what! That is our promise to you.


Nature’s Calling respects our customers’ right to privacy online. We will not sell, rent, or give away our customers’ personal information to other companies for use in selling others products or services. We will communicate with customers via e-mail or other online delivery devices only if the customer agrees to receive those communications. Customers who believe they are receiving our communications in error or no longer desire to receive them, should inform us and we will remove those customers’ names from our mailing lists. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us.